Emma Mather is a 17 year old dancer from Orange County, California. She has grown up training at Mather Dance Company. By 15, Emma won World of Dance season 4 with her trio MDC3. Throughout the past year she was also featured on Ellen, in newspapers, on the cover of dance spirit magazine, appeared in special performances, and was in Sia and Blake McGrath’s music videos with MDC3. Recently, Emma has spent most days training with her team and occasionally travels with 24/7 dance convention as a demonstrator. Emma is a junior in high school and also enjoys the high school lifestyle outside of her intense dance schedule. When Emma is not dancing, she enjoys choreographing and teaching the younger kids at Mather Dance Company. Emma would love to follow in her mother, Shannon Mather’s footsteps and eventually become a successful, talented choreographer like her once her professional dance career has ended. Emma loves to hang out with her friends and also be involved in her school activities in her free time. Recently, Emma has really enjoyed focusing on her TikTok and has gained a good following with many viral videos, one video even hitting 70+ million views. Emma also loves spending time shopping and focusing on fashion which is why she is so honored to be selected as a 2022 C5 model.
instagram: 1emmamather
tiktok: emmamather16