izzy is 14 years old and lives in las vegas nv with her parents and three siblings. her favorite thing to do is dance, but when she's not dancing you might find her singing, swimming, hiking, volunteering for ncl, watching youtube videos, shopping, or hanging out with her friends or family. she loves spending vacations in the mountains or at the beach, and she loves being a part of her church youth group with her older sister, grace. izzy has been a student at the rock center for dance since she was 3 years old, and the studio has become like a second home to her. her favorite styles of dance are ballet, contemporary, and musical theater; however, the majority of her time is spent training in ballet. izzy’s ultimate dream is to one day become a ballerina with the american ballet theater, and to spend her days dancing in nyc while her big sister rocks it on broadway.
instagram: @izzy.howard
tiktok: @izzy.howard_