Hey, I'm Olivia Leavitt! I'm 12 years old from Utah and the second oldest of the "Leavitt Sisters." I started taking dance when I was 3 years old. I've trained at The Dance Club and Creative Arts Academy in all dance genres; my favorite styles are contemporary and jazz. I thrive when I'm being challenged and love attending dance conventions/competitions. I have received numerous awards and scholarships over the years, but most importantly have learned through the experiences that I find the most fulfillment in life when I'm forced out of my comfort zone or required to work under pressure. When I'm not in the studio training I enjoy spending time with friends, boating, cooking and traveling with my family. My all-time favorite place to vacation is Key West, Florida where I love to deep sea fish, snorkel and paddleboard. I have worked with the Five Dancewear team the past couple years and love every person--their commitment to dancers and the unmatched styles/quality of each product. I couldn't be more thrilled to be a C5 model!
Instagram: @liv_leavitt