Your C5 model from the midwest is 16-year-old Indiana dancer and model, Olivia Marie Taylor. Olivia trains in multiple styles of dance including ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and musical theater at Thrive Dance Company. Her versatility as a dancer ranges from rocking a hip hop combo at a dance convention to earning top honors at YAGP. Olivia’s favorite style of dance will change depending on the day you ask her. Olivia’s dance journey began at age 2, and one of the most fulfilling aspects of her dance life is being able to travel and make new friends all over the world. She has earned numerous regional, national and international awards, titles, and scholarships. Olivia is a member of the American Dance Company, and has represented the USA at the IDO World Dance Championships in Poland where she has earned several medals for Team USA including the Gold. Despite her full training schedule and frequent travel, she aims to be a normal teenager. Olivia is an honor roll student and a member of her high school dance team. When she is not dancing, you can find Olivia making tiktok videos, eating pizza or having sleepovers with her friends. She is honored to be one of the original Club Five girls, and after 6 years, she still gets excited when a new Five style arrives on her doorstep.