Ellary Day (or Day to her friends and family) is a 10-year-old dancer from California and Arizona.  With a megawatt smile and determination that led her to hide a broken elbow for two days so that she could keep dancing, Ellary Day dreams of joining the American Ballet Theater, dancing on Broadway with her little sister Sylvie Win, AND becoming a notable choreographer.  


Ellary Day is grateful to those who believe in her lofty goals. She trains in classical ballet within Master Ballet Academy’s pre-professional division. She studies commercial dance through Club Dance’s pre-professional program. She is also a proud mentee of IAMFORCE. 


It has been written that “Ellary Day appreciates everything to its fullest, whether that is a friend, new dancewear, a compliment, or an award.” Her family is proud of that humility as well as her huge heart, work ethic, and ability to light up a stage. Most recently, Ellary Day was honored to become the national champion at The Dance Awards and NYCDA, first runner-up Mini Best Dancer at TDA, Top 6 Mini Protégé at Radix Nationals, and Hope Award recipient from YAGP. She was also thankful to receive scholarships to train at and perform with companies in the US and Europe. At age 9, Ellary Day choreographed a touching solo for her sister and best friend Sylvie Win. That dance won first overall at The Dance Awards, which made the sisters cry happy tears. 


When she is not dancing in her neon yellow dancewear, Ellary Day loves to ski, decorate cakes, collect gently used leotards for those in need, and develop stretch routines for young dancers. She is ecstatic to be C5 model and part of the Five Family.  


Ellary Day would end by saying “don’t waste a single day.  Live and dance to your fullest!” 



Instagram: @ellaryday_szyndlar