YING LEI PHAM - Five The Label

ying lei, who is known as lei lei by her family and friends, is 16 years old. she lives in cincinnati, ohio, training in various genres of dance (including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, acro, and more). lei lei has received numerous 1st place finishes and scholarships at jump, nuvo, 24/seven, radix, and nycda. at the dance awards, she has placed in the top 3 and in the top 10 multiple times. in addition, she has placed in the top 10 at radix nationals. lei lei is beyond grateful to pursue her passion and loves to travel, meet new friends, and learn from countless inspiring teachers & dancers across the country. she is ecstatic and honored to return as a c5 model for her 4th year! follow her journey to learn more about her!

Instagram: @yinglei_pham

TikTok: @yinglei_pham