Autumn Anne Miller is currently 22 years old and began dancing at the age of 5 and hasn’t stopped since. Autumn resides in Southern California.

Autumn is well known around the world for her very popular YOUTUBE channel that she started when she was younger called “Autie’s Freestyle Friday”. This is where she creates fun Freestyle dance videos, skits with her friends and family, teaches combos and lets her audience into her personal Dance journey. Autie’s Freestyle Friday currently has over 84 million views to date as well as 1.3 million dedicated followers on her personal instagram.

Autumn just got of J Balvin’s world tour and recently did Beyoncés Renaissance world tour. Her other credits include Coachella with J Balvin, Performing on the Oscar’s, Dancing with the stars, Disney’s Shake it up, Nexfix’s show Them Covenant, ABC’s Holidays with the Houghs, Disneys Thanksgiving Special with Sting, performing with Dove Cameron for the IHeart radio pride show, and the Nickelodeon Show Erin & Arron. She danced in Willow Smith’s Whip my Hair music video, starred in the Music Video “Bad Liar” with the Imagine Dragons, and dance in a short film with INXS.